Xaelas2 Private Server

Even though it has been years since its release, Metin2 is one of the rare games that is still played by millions. In the game, you can prove yourself fighting dragons and dark demons in battles. You can become a master of the art of war by winning duels with other players. It gets harder to level up as your level increases, but your character gets stronger at the same rate. In the game you choose a server to play and Xaelas2 server is so popular among them. There are main tasks in the flow of the game to strengthen your items and character. If you fulfil these tasks, you will earn yang. But it takes much more time thank you think. It pushes the players to buy Xaelas yang, otherwise passing beyond of others will be so hard. Which one would you choose? Giving your time or money?

We help the ones who choose giving money, basically we do trade. Do you want to spend less time but have an amusing game experience? You are in the right place. What do you expect while buying yang? Safety, speed, affordable prices? We have them all. When our costumers want to buy Xaelas yang, we provide them their wishes and make sure there is no problem. Who knows, if you are lucky, you can even benefit from discounts and bonus campaigns.

Is that all? No, buying yang from us means buying our services: We are always ready to answer your questions and solve problems. In any language, English, German, Portuguese, Romanian; you can reach us and demand help. Our website works internationally, the payment options aren’t limited. We use Paypal, Bitcoin, Cryto Voucher. Website’s live support and Whatsapp are available 7/24 for our costumers, never hesitate to contact! With our help and your efforts, start today and be the best warrior tomorrow!

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