Rubinum2: Server of The Experienced

Welcome to the Rubinum Yang Store! We know there is a good reason for you to be here; the common point of all of us: Metin2’s one of the best servers Rubinum2. Rubinum2 is the server of the experienced, but are you good enough to play in it? In such a strategy game, all the gamers try their best to win; some spend their whole their day playing, without a break. What is this effort for? Games’ precious currency, yang, is not easy to get. What makes Rubinum yang that precious is that you achieve the items which will distinguish you from other players with it.

Wouldn’t spending less time in the game and earning more Rubinum yang be nice? If you think so, we have an offer for you: you can buy Rubinum yang safely, easily, now! Do not worry about safety, we are experienced in the field, have done tons of purchases, increased the risk to minimum level. You choose the amount, we provide it to you; so basically you save your time, enjoy your game and become way more powerful: Buy Rubinum yang and improve your character as you wish, upgrade items, beat most of the rivals. Are you ready to become the best?

Since there are so many competitive Rubinum2 players around the world, more than 10k active gamers, we do the business internationally. We use several payment methods; Paypal, Bitcoin, Cryto voucher. You can make the payment in many languages and communicate with us for help via Whatsapp 7/24. Live support on our website is also available. The languages we provide services are Portuguese, English, German, Romanian. Never hesitate to ask your questions and feedback the problems. The more you buy, the more bonus and discounts you get! Enjoy your game!

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