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In Aeldra2, which is a far east themed MMORPG game, the adventure never ends. Choose your character, jump on your horse (or whatever you want to ride) and charge! Do not forget to learn and use your skills though. To prove your bravery and power, you can get into Grotto of Exile, Demon Tower and many other dungeons all of which are filled with lots of monsters waiting for their prey.

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Möchten sie in die Abenteuer Welt eintauchen und unbesiegbar

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Aeldra2 The Legendary Private Server

5 September 2020 admin35 0

It takes too much to be a good Warrior, Ninja, Shaman or Sura, doesn’t it? Learning how to use a sword or how to use your Body or Mental skills correctly… Becoming the great assassin or an archer, dealing with poisons… Choosing the path between being the healer or taking the help of Dragon and buffing your allies’ power and defence… Learning black magic or being the master of weaponary using the energy that comes from the seed of the devil… All of these sound terrifying but also interesting. In this adventure, are you ready to take your path?